About us

QWM is an innovative, real time lead generation company with a unique approach. Our expertise allow us to constantly monitor, analyse and optimise the digital advertising campaigns to deliver pre-validated leads to our customers on real time basis, ready to be converted in to new business.This approach enables businesses to cost effectively benefit from digital channels, previously deemed too difficult to deliver on.

At QWM, we understand that how important it is for you to be on top of your competition and since more than 60% of the customers use online search engines to make an informed decision about their purchases; that’s why we have head-hunted marketing professionals from both IT and raw business background making it an optimal combination to compete with the dynamic needs of internet-marketing. Our specialist team not only masters the intricate mechanics of the sophisticated digital marketing but also understands the underpinning theory and practice that gears the success of any campaign especially the more modern SEOs, PPC (Pay per Click) and Analytics.

QWM media can provide you with a comprehensive marketing solution with special focus on social media campaigns. If you are a start-up or a fast paced growth business, you can safely outsource your marketing campaigns to us, be it Facebook, twitter, RSS feeds or blogs with the purpose of either simply spreading your name or bringing the relevant web searches to your webpage by showing them your carefully designed ad and them motivating them to finally buy.

Everything we do is underpinned by proprietary software tools and systems. We use sophisticated analysis, intelligent interpretation, insight and proven strategy to ensure our clients are a step ahead of their competition. We grow targeted traffic, generate conversions, and increase ROI. To find out how we can translate our experience and expertise in to your business growth and brand awareness.

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